The Upmost Foundation which is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) public nonprofit with charity status that is dedicated to serving wildlife and environmental relief efforts around the world through conscious consumer tourism and recreational experiences that help fund the conservation work we do. Ask us how to join a rhino rescue project as a paid volunteer or if you are thinking about planning a trip to Africa let us know. We offer a COMPLIMENTARY travel planning service for all our donors/supporters and can get you preferred rates (i.e. cheaper than if you booked directly) at almost any 5-star Safari lodge in Africa. If you have ever shared a social post about our work on social media or donated $10 or more in the past our Nonprofit Travel planner will help you plan your trip to Africa based on your budget, travel requirements and your wish list for FREE. Ask us how….

Conservation Projects

Rhino Project Video

The Upmost Rhino Project is focused on protecting rhinos in Africa from the increasing threat of poachers in high risk poaching areas as well as funding rescue and rehabilitation efforts for rhinos injured in attacks. There are two ways you can help. 1) Join an Upmost Rhino Project expedition where you will be able to get hands-on with rhinos in the wild during a poaching prevention operation. The cost of your ticket to join the expedition will help fund the costs mentioned below. 2) Donate directly to this project. Your donation and/or your participation in a rhino project expedition will help fund the following:

  1. Veterinarian fees
  2. Helicopter and pilot fees to track the rhinos at the highest risk of being poached.
  3. Costs associated with ear notching and tagging the rhinos for identification and tracking purposes.
  4. Ground support teams.
  5. Lodging costs for team members.
  6. Medical supplies, milk, vitamins etc. for baby orphaned rhinos injured by poachers.
  7. 24-hour security patrols around the reserve parameters to safeguard the rhinos from poachers.
  8. Costs to subsidize local and international volunteers.
  9. Marketing /advertising costs to bring awareness to this project.

The Upmost Ocean project is a collaboration involving multiple local NPO's around the Balearic Islands to help remove plastic and garbage from the oceans and beaches which have seen growing accumulation of plastic waste in recent years. To steer this project we have decided to hire boat captains and other local workers impacted by Covid-19 to help clean the oceans and beaches of the Balearic Islands so we can help protect the marine wildlife in this region and preserve the beauty of these stunning islands for future generations to enjoy. Donations received fund the following:

  1. Boat captains and workers to help clean the areas most affected
  2. Boat maintenance and fuel.
  3. Garbage removal equipment (i.e. ocean surface scrapers, scuba gear etc.).

Community Impact

It's about businesses and individuals taking responsibility for the planet. It's about conscious consumers choosing to spend their recreational dollars responsibly. It's about our approved nonprofit partners doing their best work. It's about our dedicated community of people like you collectively taking action.

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